Real Time analysis of text-based conversations (chats and emails) enabling you to provide support to agents during a chat

  • Uniquely ARION is designed to listen in to chats and emails from customers in Real Time.This provides assistance to the agents while they are engaged with the customer, rather than providing historical feedback.
  • ARION listens inside Agent's User Interface, by picking up each line of text as it is submitted either by the agent or the customer.
  • ARION has learned to detect Topic and Subtopics from the way players chat to our Customer Service Agents.
  • Topic detection is over 95% accurate

ARION can address Contact Centre Goals that all CEOs and most Contact Centre managers will be seeking to improve.

  • Speed up Responses and Reduce Abandons

    • ARION helps agents with their workload. Information is automatically pushed to them in real time.
    • ARION Assist can automate simple high volume queries, allowing human resources to focus on more complex customer interactions
    • ARION Assist will also handle After Contact Work (ACW) further increasing the time agents spend on customer contacts
    • Automated Reponses via Email or SMS can also speed up the information requested by customers
    • ARION significantly helps to meet Contact Center KPIs such as Abandonment Rates and Service Levels
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction

    • ARION uses Sentiment analysis to track how each conversation is progressing. Supervising staff can be made aware during the conversation if the customer is becoming frustrated, and can intervene before the conversation is lost.
    • Customer Sentiment can be tracked over time, and pain points that cause dissatisfaction can be targeted for improvement through ARION's 'What You Don't Know' Analytics.
    • Communication quality is increased, boosting FCR (First Contact Resolution).
  • Improve Resourcing

    • ARION Agent is available 24/7/365 and does not take sick leave or holidays!
    • Peaks in demand can be addressed using ARION Assist flattening the curves
    • ARION agents help you reduce and manage your manpower costs
  • Make Positive Change to Contact Centre Culture

    • The Contact Centre is transformed: operates and acts in Real Time, rather than being reflective and reactive
    • Agents are enabled with the tools they need and provided with data and guidance in Real Time
  • Address the Back Office Processes

    • ARION Assist can reach into Back-end processes. The process loops are shortened, streamlined and automated
  • Become Omni-Channel

    • The Solution has been tested with the ultimate Omni-channel Contact blending:
      1. Voice
      2. Web Chat
      3. Email
      4. SMS
      5. Video
      6. Social Media
    • ARION operates in all Channels, and insights are generated from a Unified Contact Data Warehouse
  • Address Compliance and Regulatory requirements

    • ARION can spot interactions having Regulatory Compliance aspects, such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), ensuring that an Agent follows the recommended compliant process.

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